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All Life Insurance companies have an underwriting process. This process is used to assess each Life Insurance application which is received by the Life Insurance Companies. All individuals who apply for Life Insurance will be subject to this process. The applicant’s doctor will be contacted and the Life Insurance Company will arrange for the applicant to undergo a medical examination.
The underwriters will also need information such as mortgage and family needs, but in some cases they will require further information to justify the level of the coverage
Once the Life Insurance companies receive all of the information that is available they will proceed to make a decision on the application and either offer standard terms, non-standard terms, defer the application or decline the application. The process is quite simple and the quotes are free with no obligations.
The application which you submit may be turned down or unaccepted because the Life Insurance Companies who are writing these policies will proceed with a thorough investigation including medical backgrounds. The internet and high technology makes it easier to expose everything regarding the applicant. If you are or awaiting an operation, this is on record and could cause you not to be eligible for the Life Insurance Policy.
Another type of policy is the keyman or key person life insurance plan. To start with some information we realize how difficult it can be to replace a key person in a Business or Company. The entire process can take time and a large amount of money to replace the key person. This situation could possibly cost the business valuable clients during the transition.

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