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Life Coaching has been a long and rewarding experience. From the time I was old enough to begin exploring the community around my home, I was coaching. I didn’t know that then, but I was reaching out, listening, helping and caring about the people I encountered. When I found a person in need, I would bring them home, sit them on the back porch of our house, go inside and ask mom if she would make them a sandwich? I’d take them something to drink; sometimes just the garden hose to quench a thirst. When I entered grade school, I brought home classmates and playground friends who seem to have it worse off at home, or no one at home to go to after school. All the time I was talking with my friends about choices, making life better, helping them discover healthy options for life. 
I became a leader in school, looking for answers, change and working to make school and the community a better place for each of us. As early as 1969, I helped lead a school district wide group Breaking the Barriers comprised of students, educators and administrators on a journey to improve communications between each group to build a stronger, healthier educational environment. 
As a leader in high school I was part of organizations that set goals to build better community through open, meaningful discussions. We may have thought we were avant-garde and new age thinkers, yet we were actively coaching for life. 
In 1972 setting of for college, I moved into a very new and exciting, first of it’s kind Residential Community. Other colleges and universities had dormitories; we had a village that became a community, owned by students and run by students. Students of the community were the landscapers, facilities engineers, nutritional planners, chefs and food service engineers, housing management. I earned a position on the Community Development team. Guide, life coaching goals, results life coaching, life coach minnesote, life couch, definition coaching, life coach wa, what is networking, life coach nj, life coach wiki, should a life coach have a life first, life coach mn.
As a Community Development team member I coached fellow students with life challenges, succeeding in college, work and personal relationships. Working with mentors I participated in and facilitated personal encounter groups and sessions for Leader and Self. I worked with youth, peers and adults in business to become more successful, empowering growth and sustainability for life. 
I entered the teaching profession and throughout that career, while teaching, athletic coaching and student leadership programs I was coaching for life. When I was not working as a teacher I was involved with friends and acquaintances coaching through personal challenges and relationships.To put it simply, life coaching is a profession designed to support positive, constructive, solution-oriented, supported change that is tailored to the individual wants, needs and desires of the client.
as a Transformational Life Coach my specialized approach to helping you turn your life around includes inspiring deep, lasting transformation from the inside out.
There is a common misconception that life coaching is the same as support professions like psychology, personal development mentoring and consulting; but this couldn’t be further from the truth.
rather than just giving advice or focusing on unraveling the past, your life coach will make sure that you are always 100% in the driver’s seat.
life coaching is about empowering YOU to move forward, to tap into your own inner knowing and to align with the right path for you and your desires.
your life coach will help you uncover hidden strengths, opportunities, beliefs and “blind spots.” She will ask tough questions, invite you to make measurable progress every single week, encourage you to shift limiting beliefs, and challenge you to do what it takes to change your life. The key word here is do…because coaching is absolutely about taking action rather than just talking about what’s wrong.
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